Phoneline Trail

Distance9.4 miles
Elevation Gain900 feet
Difficulty LevelModerate
Approx Hiking Time4 - 5 hours
Best SeasonsFall, Winter, Spring
Cost per person
(two person minimum)

This very popular, moderately difficult hike crawls along the eastern wall of Sabino Canyon, climbing to and maintaining a height of 400 feet above the bottom of the canyon. Hikers on the trail can see and hear other hikers and the visitors using the tram going up and down the road below.

Departing from the Sabino Canyon Visitor Center, the trail follows a wide path along the southern edge of the park to a road which leads to Bear Canyon. Eight-tenths of a mile from the Visitor Center, the trail begins in earnest. The vegetation in this area is mostly palo verde and mesquite mixed in with very large saguaro cactus, cholla cactus, and prickly pear. Climbing gradually, the trail passes the turn-off to Blackett's Ridge, swings around a side drainage and crosses a spur ridge. Soon another trail appears, dropping off to the left into Sabino Canyon.

Continuing on, the trail levels out as most of the elevation has already been gained. From this point on, you just have to keep walking and enjoy the scenery as we slowly climb into the upper sections of Sabino Canyon. At the top of the canyon, we'll stop on a rock ledge for a mid-morning break. After a short rest, we'll continue on and take the trail down to Tram Stop #9. From this point. we'll follow the road and side trails all the way back to the Visitor Center.

This hike is perfect for moderately experienced hikers.

This hike can be scheduled during evening hours in the summer months. Bring a flashlight!